5 Examples of a Seriously Radical Firearms Suppressor

Steampunk Kalashnikov & Suppressor in Chechnya

The first example of a seriously radical firearms suppressor comes from the Chechen Republic in Russia’s North Caucasus. Embroiled in an almost two decade civil war, it has produced various bizarre examples of homemade weapons.

This Steampunk Kalashnikov was featured in the Reaper Feed article covering homemade weapons from the Chechen Wars. It was said to have been captured by Russian troops during a counter-terrorism operation somewhere in Chechnya.

This AK has been made from what looks to be the best half of a damaged Kalashnikov. The remaining portion of the weapon has been replaced with scrap metal, spare AK handles and a magazine composed of two poorly welded Dragunov / SVD magazines. But most interesting to us is the homemade suppressor lying above it that really tops off this Stalker-style Kalashnikov.

Radical Firearms Suppressors in a Ukrainian Trench

there is an image of homemade suppressors, which are probably made for the AK-47 rifles too considering the domination of Kalashnikov rifles in this conflict.

A Homemade Firearms Suppressor in Donbass, Ukraine

This homemade firearms suppressor was spotted being used by a pro-Russian separatist in urban combat in the ongoing war in Eastern Ukraine. Hat tip to the Armory Blog for originally sharing this photo.

It’s difficult to see just exactly how this baby works, but it seems he’s constructed some form of homemade suppressor and covered it with a plastic bag. Also, slung over his should is his backup weapon which looks to be an SKS.

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